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Flavours of the Middle East Starter Pack - Nuba

The starter pack consists of four of the most popular drinks consumed in the Middle East.

Qmar Al Din, also known as the apricot juice, has a rich flavor of just apricots. It’s truly a unique and  mouth watering drink that you just can’t say no to.

Tamarind, made up of the tamarind... Read More


It’s believed that hibiscus tea was revered for its medicinal properties since the ancient times of Egypt. Hibiscus has been enjoyed across many cultures for centuries due to its great taste and numerous health benefits. Our hibiscus flowers are grown on the banks of the Nile, individually picked and dried... Read More

Nuba Tisane, a family run business. We make a "Ready To Drink" all natural Hibiscus Tisane by brewing hibiscus flowers in small batches with no preservatives, colours or concentrates.