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Organic Whole Hibiscus Flowers

Organic Whole Hibiscus Flowers

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It’s believed that hibiscus tisane (herbal tea) was revered for its properties since the ancient times of Egypt. Today we proudly continue the tradition.

Our hibiscus organic flowers are grown on the banks of the Nile, individually picked and dried in the Egyptian sun with the highest standards of quality control. 

Hibiscus Flower Hibiscus is commonly called roselle in many parts of the world but is also known as sorrel in the Caribbean, as Flor de Jamaica in Mexico, and Karkadeh in Egypt.

Our hibiscus flowers when steeped make a rich Ruby red tea that is very fragrant, has a cranberry-tart, refreshing flavor, and is a source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which can be enjoyed hot or cold.

A really good tisane doesn’t just taste good, it’s aromatic, has somebody, and a rounded richness that lingers long after you’ve finished a sip.

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