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Flavours of the Middle East Starter Pack

Flavours of the Middle East Starter Pack

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The starter pack consists of four of the most popular drinks consumed in the Middle East.

Qmar Al Din, also known as the apricot juice, has a rich flavor of just apricots. It’s truly a unique and  mouth watering drink that you just can’t say no to.

Tamarind, made up of the tamarind fruit. It is a worldwide drink; however, Middle Eastern drink this to cool off during hot summer days. This spectacular drink is exactly what you need this season.

Carob is known to be extremely healthy and is actually caffeine free and fat free. This is also called kharoub in Arabic,  it’s a cool drink that you would fall in love with.

The famous Egyptian Hibiscus Tisane or Karkadeh is refreshing consumed hot or cold with lots of health benefits.

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